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Etiquette? 05.01.2015
Spanish lessons 04.01.2015
Fishermen and other early risers 21.12.2014
Sunday Morning Options 21.12.2014
What to do on a Rainy Day in Playa Del Carmen 20.12.2014
Setting up a home for only a month 18.12.2014
How does one rent an apartment in a different country? 16.12.2014
Getting the paperwork in place 26.10.2014
Making a housedress 23.10.2014
Practicing Retirement 16.10.2014
Time to say goodbye 05.02.2011
wrapping up CoffeeBay 03.02.2011
Eating Well in SA 02.02.2011
Driving on the Wild Coast 01.02.2011
Day Two Mpala Village 01.02.2011
More day one 01.02.2011
we survived day one 30.01.2011
Sunday 29.01.2011
trAnskei 29.01.2011
Staying on the Coast 27.01.2011
East London-Arrival 27.01.2011
Last Day in Cape Town 26.01.2011
Cape of Good Hope 25.01.2011
where is my lighter? 24.01.2011
Rueben & the regular people 23.01.2011
Night Tracking Big Game 23.01.2011
Wrapping up the Race 23.01.2011
Canada Represented in Winners Circle 22.01.2011
The Pigeon World 21.01.2011
Riding Elephants 21.01.2011
We're in South Africa- the cradle of humankind 20.01.2011
London England for the Day 20.01.2011
This is my post from mobile phone 15.01.2011
Out of Canada 15.01.2011