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More day one

On our first night we stayed with the very extended family of Sophialeano. We were in a mud rondovel with a thatched roof. Each room on the family plot is a separate buiding.
There is a hut for us, one for the children, a separate sitting room, kitchen, toilet/shower etc.
Welcome greeting consists of bread, tea and butter.
Our guide has gone MIA and we cannot communicate with our hosts. it is a bit disconcerting.
We enjoy a supper of squash, greens, curried style chicken, rice, a tomato sauce and amazing sweet beans.
We are very tired from our hike.
We figure that we travels ~24 km with the hills. The hike was hard and fairly treacherous at times with 60 degree slopes in some places and goat paths that overlooked cliffs into the sea. This is certainly not for recreational hikers.
At night the sky was amazing. With little light pollution, the stars were unbelievably bright.
Overall an amazing experience.



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we survived day one


sunny 89 °F

The brochure said 16 km on the first day. That was not four times around boulevard. More like ecochallenge. Climbed mountains in heavy bush and walked miles of pristine beach where we sake up to our ankles in sand. Slept in dung and wattle woke to damp mist every where. I have managed not to weep from the muscle workout. Fernando can go five more. Sheesh

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Our guide is potsi. We met him with mbuyti. We are setting out on an overcast day with AA nice coolingwind. The waves of the Indian ocean are crashing on our left and the air is heavy with the scent ofmagnolia. The real thing...not glade.

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Transkei means over the kei river.
We arE in the pondo homeland. The landscape is full of rolling hills. Today in Port st johns there is a big funeral for A 15 year old who was attacked by a great white. No swimming for us. Good cell connections in townm

Seems like the daily routine is to stand in line.

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Staying on the Coast

Bob Clayton picked us up after work from Charles' place. Bob and his wife Lesley are very progressive whites who are very laid back and open to the global community. Their home is located right on the beginning of the wild coast in East London / Buffalo City. We arrved in the evening as the sun was setting. It is a stunning view from their back yard. A walk through an electrified gate and via a path through the bush will get you to the coast filled with rocks and shells.

Sophia from Ecuador and Jeordie from Spain were also staying here as they wait for their car to get fixed. They had picked up the van in Europe and have made their way through the continent to have a breakdown here.

Bob and Lesley are Quantity Surveyors. This seems to be a financial overseer for building projects - sort of like super accountants. Bob owns the company with a partner, so they are fairly flexible in their schedules. They will be traveling to Thailand in April where their son is working
with and marrying another scuba instructor from Australia. Their daughter is arriving this weekend from Istanbul where she teaches English as a second language.

Last night the couchsurfers made supper. A vegetarian meal with all kinds of neat salads and gaspacho soup. These are dishes from spain and ecuador.

We are heading to Port St. Johns and are unsure of our internet access until after Thursday. We will be travelling through very remote villages with a guide.
See http://www.wildcoasthikes.com/ for our itinerary.

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